Terrassed Housing Stockmattstrasse
Baden, 2018–2023
Direct Commission, 2017
Ground Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor

The townhouses on Stockmattstrasse are sited at the rear of the property, close to Bruggerstrasse, a road that follows the river Limmat, connecting the town of Baden with the municipality of Turgi. A few businesses give the thoroughfare the character of a commercial strip. As part of Baden’s Kappelerhof quarter, the townhouses complement the anonymous fabric of a residential neighborhood consisting of linear buildings, single-family houses, and apartment buildings. Many families live here.

The cooperative townhouses are just 3.75 meters wide and extend over three stories – a height requirement of the local development plan. The interior space develops in section: living spaces and bedrooms line up with a half-story vertical offset on both sides of a central staircase. Rooms with abundant height compensate for the buildings’ narrowness. Each discrete house has five rooms, a garden, and a roof terrace.

Due to their internal spatial configuration, the townhouses are built differently than conventional houses. The floors do not bear on top of walls, but on brackets projecting from vertically continuous demising walls made of concrete. The floor assemblies are built of wood, as are the facades and the roof. The facade cladding takes its inspiration from Japan, and is at once serious and cheerful. The steep metal roofs transform the tall building into a two-story house.

Project team
Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi, Christian Inderbitzin, Valentin Surber, Sven Fawer, Lukas Brusch, Sébastien Ressnig, Laura Stock, Jan­nik Achenbach

Lägern Wohnen, Baden

Landscape Design: EMI Architekt*innen, Zürich
Civil Engineer: wlw Bauingenieure AG, Zürich
Timber Engineer: Pirmin Jung Schweiz AG, Rain
Building Services: Lippuner-EMT, Grabs
Electrical Engineer: Gutknecht Elektroplanung AG, Au
Building Physics: Wichser Akustik & Bauphysik AG, Zürich

Roland Bernath

Wohnen, 05/2021