Residential Development Am Katzenbach IV/V
Zurich-Seebach, 2012–2019
Competition, 2009, 1. Prize
Katzenbach IV
Katzenbach IV, Standard Floor Type I
Katzenbach IV, Standard Floor Type II
Katzenbach IV
Katzenbach IV
Katzenbach IV
Katzenbach IV
Katzenbach V
Katzenbach V
Katzenbach IV

The cooperative residential district of Am Katzenbach is traversed lengthwise by two streets and thus divided urbanistically into three distinct bands. Whereas the buildings of phases I and II were positioned to offer visual connections perpendicular to the district streets, the buildings of phase III are more freely placed within private yards as a result of the pattern of comparatively small plots.
The residential buildings of phases IV and V ultimately form an urban edge to Katzenbach Park in the north. They consist of a series of stereometrically related forms that adapt to the varying plot depths and take their shape in response to internal spatial needs and conditions. Inside the apartments, the residential spatial figures develop from these polygonal exterior shapes, the corner loggias, and the rectangular rooms. The corner loggias face south and also establish a relationship to the park.
From the street, multiple views into the park are afforded through the buildings, variously opening and closing in the perception of passers-by. With their dark facade cladding of red-brown glazed ceramic tiles, the buildings stand out from the park’s greenery.

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Competition team
Peter Baumberger, Karin Stegmeier, Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi, Christian Inderbitzin

Project team
Peter Baumberger, Karin Stegmeier, Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi, Christian Inderbitzin, Phillip Türich, Andrea Grolimund, Kevin Dröscher, Charel Muller, Michael Mader, Zsuzsanna Edes, Katrin Pfäffli, Reto Gasser, Anouk Schepens, Juliana Schenk, Anna Schork, Murielle Leucker, Anh Khoa Ngo, Jenna Buttermann, Florian Böttcher, Nora Iannone, Amos Mauri

Baumberger Stegmeier Architektur (BS+EMI Architektenpartner AG)

Baugenossenschaft Glattal, Zurich

Landscape Architect: Tremp Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich
Civil Engineer: WKP Bauingenieure AG, Zurich
Building Services: Raumanzug GmbH, Zurich and Basler & Hoffmann AG, Zurich
Electrical Engineer: Gutknecht Elektroplanung AG, Au
Building Physics: Raumanzug GmbH, Zurich

Roland Bernath

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