Garden – Exhibition Installation at Architektur Galerie Berlin
Berlin, 2016
Photo: Jan Bitter
Photo: Jan Bitter
Photo: Jan Bitter
Photo: Jan Bitter

The garden is a recurring motif in our projects: as a resonance chamber for design, as a place of longing, or as a motivic device. We saw the opportunity to exhibit at Architektur Galerie Berlin as a chance to create an independent and new project that would focus not on architecture but on the garden. For the duration of the exhibition, the gallery was transformed into a living garden: trees, shrubs, flowers, a pond, mossy stones, weathered benches, chirping birds, sounds of wind, and the smell of damp earth, leaves, and rotting wood created a memorable and intense experience.

For once, the house was not situated in the garden, but rather the garden inside the house. This inversion framed the topos of the garden and presented its inherent value. Ultimately, the appeal also lay in the challenge of implementation: How do we manage to deceptively imitate a mature natural setting? Where and how does the boundary run between illusion and reality?

November – December 2016
Architektur Galerie Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee 96, 10243 Berlin

Exhibition Concept
Ron Edelaar, Elli Mosayebi, Christian Inderbitzin, Daniel Ganz (Landscape Architect, Zurich), Markus Bühler-Rasom (Photographer), Lukas Burkhart, Jenna Buttermann, Simon Cheung, Andrea Grolimund, Theres Hollenstein, Charlotte Nobre, Katharina Sommer

Booklet GARDEN, Park Books 2017

Exhibition Construction: filmbauar­bei­ter, Berlin
Gardening Work: flo­ressenz mit pa­radiesfabrik, Berlin

Jan Bitter, Berlin

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