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Forms of Living
EPF Lausanne, HS 2015
Visiting Professorship

Housing is a field of architecture heavily influenced by conventions. Forms of dwelling change only very slowly. In our studio we will take an experimental approach that baffles these conventions in order to design other kinds of spaces for inhabitation.
Our goal is the exploration of alternative and unexpected spatial configurations that demonstrate a novel understanding of how space and function relate: an understanding that is situated beyond so-called functionalism, and as such, rather than being grounded in conventions is grounded in a specific and individual idea of «home». These ideas form the basis for architectural projects that should offer answers to the question of what innovation might mean for housing.
This semester we will design housing in the city. The relatively modest scale of the projects will allow us to concentrate on the many themes of the interior, modes of living and fundamental architectural elements such as doors, windows, stairs etc.
The floor plan will be the most important instrument for our work: as an abstract yet simultaneously the most communicative kind of notation for a spatial configuration. The interiors will find their sensual and narrative expression through photographs of large-scale models.

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